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  • I’m sick of cold calls and impersonal recruiting efforts.
  • Where do I connect with real estate leaders?
  • How do I learn which opportunities are available?
  • How do I network in our "new normal"?
  • I don’t want to waste my time for something that is not a good fit.


  • Who has time to lead generate for talent?
  • How do I identify quality candidates?
  • How How do I stop hiring “for now” and plan for the future?
  • How do I evolve my recruiting efforts?
  • What are hiring best practices?

Why RealPut?

RealPut was designed by real estate business owners and recruiting leaders who are passionate about providing a simple solution to the complex problems in recruiting.

Today, the recruiting landscape is more competitive than ever and in our modern virtual world, business networking and recruiting has changed.

RealPut connects talented people with opportunities to maximize time, build strong relationships and identify a match that changes lives and businesses.

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